Goodmojo makes the right tools to deliver timely data and insights to agencies, non-profits and individuals to share ideas and make good choices about their future.

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Tailored information
and understanding

The world we live in is a complex and noisy place. And it’s even more complex for people in need and the organizations that help them. There is a clear need for a trusted resource that can help recommend, coordinate, and manage services. That is where Goodmojo comes in. We supply tailored information and understanding to help people make good choices for themselves, their families, and their communities. And we provide real-time data and insight to organizations so they can more accurately understand how to most efficiently and effectively help their clients.

Comprehensive services
supported on one platform

Goodmojo is a comprehensive services platform with modern, highly configurable tools and systems that are centered around people in need. Organizations and providers are able to more efficiently deliver services, track results, identify trends and make recommendations. Individuals are able to see and manage all the services they qualify for in one place so that they can make good choices. The platform is built on a highly secure core that tracks consent and strongly protects personal information.

More efficient/ Increased impact/ Good choices.

Instantaneously generate reports to measure outcomes

Seamlessly connect supporters, businesses and causes to better share ideas and information.

Make compliance and evaluation significantly simpler and more effective

Powerful self-service tools mean recipients seek out and guide their own paths to success

Free up staff so they can spend more time working on your organization’s mission

Everyone works from the same data, radically increasing efficiency

What our customers
are saying

OEWD of San Francisco reports that, “what used to take us 40 hours now takes less than 5 hours.” tripling the number of monthly invoices they can process.

Chicago’s small biz development programs were able to do “in three months what used to take an entire year,” a 400% increase in efficiency and 97% increase in savings.

Austin Neighborhood Housing and Community Development reduced its housing loan approval process from 60 days to 50 seconds.

Get Goodmojo/ Make good choices