Who we help

Goodmojo brings people together to achieve more.

Goodmojo delivers real-time insights so supporters, causes, businesses and recipients can make the best-informed decisions using our patent-pending machine learning and AI technologies. Causes will be able to diversify the ways for supporters to contribute. Connections between supporters, causes and businesses are increased and strengthened. Businesses can build brand loyalty by supporting causes. Recipients get the help they need.


Supporters, ranging from government agencies and foundations through large and small philanthropists, use Goodmojo to find and understand the data you need to see the impact of your program. This data and the insights it delivers let you better understand how your support is being used and what might make it more effective. All of this happens in real-time so that you can be more engaged and agile in your decision-making.


Goodmojo helps non-profits and other service providers understand what their real impact is and articulate the best story to all of their supporters. Having accurate data in real-time means that you’re making better decisions that lead to better outcomes for recipients and partners. Improved reporting tools mean more resources can be devoted to the mission. All of this drives positive feedback so getting access to more resources from sponsoring businesses and other supporters is easier.


Goodmojo is developing a complete set of turnkey tools to let you run cause-marketing campaigns built on industry best-practices. Identify aligned non-profits then work together to develop mutually beneficial activity. This helps attract new customers and build your brand while supporting worthwhile causes. Real-time reporting tools allow you to see your impact and effectiveness with time to react to developments.


Goodmojo centers all of their tools on the people who are in need. Focusing on you means we are committed to protecting your privacy and other data. Our goal is to make sure you are able to easily discover and get access to the aid you need. Wherever that might come from. When you sign up, we are able to connect you with service providers and non-profits, show you the various services you may qualify and in many cases, help you apply and move through the process. Which means you get better more timely assistance when it can make a real difference in your life.