Goodmojo brings people and causes together to achieve more.

Goodmojo is a multi-sided SaaS software platform that delivers insights in real-time so that causes, supporters and businesses can make the best-informed decisions. By collecting data onto a single secure platform, all parties can share and manage their data from one convenient location. This reduces application processing times, eliminates redundancies and reduces errors.

Seamlessly collecting social good insights, this platform is supported by our patent-pending machine learning and AI technologies. These insights increase connections, support and sales between all of the parties. That diversifies the way supporters contribute to causes and builds brand loyalty with cause-aligned businesses.

Centered on the recipients in need, the platform is designed from the ground up for improving social good by collecting data, measuring impacts and delivering insights. Causes and supporters are able to maximize limited resources and businesses leverage this market intelligence to better guide business decisions, build brand and reach socially conscious consumers.

Goodmojo Insights

Our first product, Goodmojo Insights, is designed to make the partnerships between large scale supporters (government and foundations) and causes significantly more effective and efficient. By consolidating the various tools needed into a single toolset along with the data from participating causes and supporters, we remove significant friction from the management process and increase the speed of decision-making. Which benefits everyone from the recipients 
to the supporters and causes.