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If we can go to Mars

Shouldn't we be able to
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Data Intelligence

GM Cloud

Data is our atoms.
Data Connection
Aggregation makes intelligence. Connections create opportunities. When we see the world in such a grandular way, 

we see possibilities...
In Accessibility.

GoodMojo acts like an online concierge service, which not only provides the information but can also directly book the service for the recipient and send that person a confirmation, as well as alerting the service provider. This ensures the partnership between funders and service providers to populates the data sharing this burden creates the incentive to keep the information updated and relevant. GoodMojo facilitates the interaction between the service provider and the recipient. Moreover, the GoodMojo technology then aggregates all the data and provides a reporting level that helps the funders visualize which services are being accessed by which cohort.
Because the technology is cloud-based and mobile-ready, it is real time and can therefore be used to provide emergency resources to the right location. For example, in a snowstorm anyone with a smartphone can direct a person in need to a shelter with available beds. The information is available to the general public, so we are confident that it fosters a Good Samaritan model of interaction between the different segments of the community. For example, a policeman who sees a young person out of school can directly enroll that child in a program run by a Boys and Girls Club or similar service.

In Decision Making.

Impactful and meaningful services require one or more coordinated activities cutting across layers of horizontal and vertical partners within the very large and complex public good sector. It requires a dynamic supply chain modeling approach that includes decision support, program simulations and even artificial intelligence to guide the delivery process.

From our own experience, a workforce development program can reach over 90,000 lines of compliance policy triggers for a municipal funder. The complexity increases exponentially when the program is executed through multiple grantee-service providers - the multiplier.

It is humanly impossible to manage literally millions of multi-dimensional data points the old fashion way like Excel or a flat file process system. It is especially ineffective when the funder and its grantee-service providers are using different systems with different standards directly impacting the outcome of our communities.

GoodMojo provides portfolio management intelligence at the beginning of the grant making process for a funder, ensuring all activities across an investment portfolio are within both established standards and optimized. The aided decision support system utilizes both historic performance and real-time comparative data. Its algorithm refines overtime.

When a solution that is smart enough to help you re-define your public good program, a return on investment is achieved individually, operationally, programmatically and systematically.

In Creating New Opportunities.

GoodMojo is designed to create new opportunities based on the interconnectivity between members. We see opportunity is all around us. What if as simple as buying a cup of coffee can contribute to the cause that you are passionate about? What if being a good samaritan is as easy as pulling out your smart phone? What if a piece of real-time information can help a single parent with childcare? Yes, there are a lot of what ifs but for us it represents opportunities. These opportunities are achieved through the power of understanding the complex and voluminous amount of data. 

We live in a transactional world, everyday millions of transactions big and small happen between each of us. GoodMojo sets out to turn our everyday transactions into good deeds. Our shared economy model is about real sharing. 

In Making Overall Positive Impacts.

We can no longer measure needs based on prices of eggs and milk, a method been used since 1960’s War on the Poverty. We live in a dynamic world that policies and delivery of public good should be as efficient as the on-demand economy. Current needs cannot wait 12 to 24 months on the bureaucratic process that currently exist.  The source of impact, the immediacy of the event, and the number of sources exerting the impact must rely on intelligence between micro and macro economic systems to create measurable impacts on all levels of our communities in real-time. 

Systematic Environment LargeGoodMojo provides the technology to shorten the feedback process between these systems and in effect putting different communities and stakeholders closer together to make positive impacts in the respective local, global and virtual communities. 

Through data intelligence, we can activate on-demand solutions in a crowdsourcing manner to address on-demand needs. 

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