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A smart unified ecosystem

Interlocking end-to-end data
intelligence solutions for
funders, communities and
individual members

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  • A smart unified ecosystem


GoodMojo Solutions
Do Just That.

Our interlocking Solutions for Funders and Nonprofit Communities increase:

- Deeper Relationships
- Sharing of Realtime Intelligence 
- Strengthing Resource Management
- Efficiency in Compliance

Tackling the complex public good sector by the entire supply chain
The GoodMojo ecosystem connects the community of stakeholders and give them the tools they need for maximum efficiency and effectiveness to achieve their social goals. GoodMojo provides the only solution that manages the community relationship needs of both consumers and providers of charitable services, with minimal setup and deployment costs. GoodMojo’s hexagonal architecture creates workflow and portal solutions that enable generative software for creating and maintaining rapid campaigns.

GoodMojo provides segment specific data intelligence solutions:
Funder Solution  meets the needs of funders
Community Solution  meets the needs of service providers and cause-based organizations
Member Solution  meets the needs of individuals and businesses who interact with either of the two previous market segments

GM Supply Chain

Value Proposition 
• Single Data Location for all Users 
• Operational Improvements 
• Data Ownership by Member 
• Crowd-vetted Information 
• Localized to specific needs 
• Scalable Architecture

Key Features 
• Single platform for all good deeds, uniting members irrespective of where they are coming from, thus connecting those in need with service providers, funders, volunteers and experts. 
• End-to-end solutions based on deep understanding of the process of providing and receiving grants as well as performing against them. 
• Cloud-based software that can be accessed by any device.

Key Benefits 
• Fosters connectivity between all the groups involved, from those in need to service providers, funders, experts and volunteers. 
• Empowers everyday philanthropists with crowd-vetted information that allows them to make informed decisions. 
• Enables agencies and non-profits to build a more comprehensive picture of need, treating the individual as a three-dimensional recipient. 
• Provides ease of use for improving effectiveness and efficiency in all parts of the process, including payments. 
• Enables users to get an update on any part of the process, at any time, in the most convenient way. 
• Reduces coordination costs both within organizations and between funder and recipient. 
• Provides cutting edge security encryption method, as well as field-level encryption. 
• Ensures HIPAA compliant cloud services, provided by AWS, for those organizations that are handling healthcare information.

By creating the platform, which supports the human network, GoodMojo enables people not only to break through the barrier of geographical distance but also to bridge the gap between virtual and physical presence. 

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