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GoodMojo Community

A community for building public good.
Empowered by its own
Social Benefit Network.

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Network Cycles

A community buttressed by the fibers of our Social Benefit Network
At GoodMojo, we look at things differently. We don’t like to put people in boxes. Why? Let’s face it, there’s uncertainty in each of our lives. Tomorrow any one of us could be in a position of need, but today we may be in a point to help others. GoodMojo equips us at any position in our lives.

The GoodMojo community is no exception. Usually, a community consists of individuals from all walks of life joined together by a common interest. We expanded this traditional definition of social anthropology to include organizations and businesses since they are units of a community and all have a common goal of making positive impacts. Thus, they are all members of the GoodMojo community.

GoodMojo members are connected through our Social Benefit Network, a new kind of social network connector that reveals and discovers like-minded GoodMojo denizens [den-i-zen].

Our Social Benefit Network strengthens our community by the interpersonal relationships between our members.

Finding your passion - turning it into action - making it a impact
Your passion might be volunteering at an after school program or contributing funds to a fundraising campaign as a donor or drafting a new neighborhood policy as an advocate. Whatever the activity or your role might be, we think it will be much more fun and impactful to do it with your network.

Get started today and discover your role

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