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Social Impact Vision

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  • Social Impact Vision

Everyday Philanthropists

Do good your way!

Give time and/or money to the cause of your choice anyway that works for you. We make it easy to connect, volunteer and donate at your convenience.

GoodMojo’s platform is there to put you in touch with the non-profits of your choice to donate or volunteer, but it can also connect you directly to service seekers or to campaigns for causes close to your heart. If you support more than one cause, GoodMojo can help you create a portfolio of organizations to engage with, let you see facts and figures about those organizations and have a single point for viewing all your charitable donations. You can even pull that data directly from your account to use for tax purposes!

  • Easy sign up
  • Connection to non-profits and causes
  • Information about volunteering opportunities
  • Updates on charitable events and campaigns
  • Data regarding charities and non-profits to support your donation decisions
  • Comprehensive view of your donation history
  • Ability to pull donation information for tax purposes


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