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Social Impact Vision

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  • Social Impact Vision


Impact through:

- Creating Local, Global and Virtual Communities
- Empowering Human Experience
- Strengthing Resource Management
- Resulting in Positive Social Impacts

GoodMojo Universe

The vision of GoodMojo is to facilitate social and environmental impacts by empowering both human and capital investments. The GoodMojo ecosystem connects the community of stakeholders and give them the tools they need for maximum efficiency and effectiveness to achieve their social goals.

By creating the platform, which supports the human network, GoodMojo enables people not only to break through the barrier of geographical distance but also to bridge the gap between virtual and physical presence.  GoodMojo imagines a world where an everyday philanthropist, playing an online game and purchasing a magic blanket could at the same time contribute to the purchase of a real life blanket for a person in need anywhere in the world.  

Impact Through Human Experience As A GoodMojo Member:
We are seeing the impact of what people can achieve when they use GoodMojo: greater connectivity between people with the same causes at heart, more focus on doing the right things because of better information at your fingertips, and more ability to share the stories of individuals and groups whose lives have been changed by an interaction in celebration of our human experience.

Impact Through Global, Local and Virtual GoodMojo Communities:
Human connections are the core and essence of achieving social impact. GoodMojo connects its members to their communities thus helping them find their heartbeat in the culture of good. GoodMojo enables them to take the actions that result in collective impact connecting individuals, non-profits, government entities and corporations to causes through and activities like volunteering or simply buying a cup of coffee at a partnering location within the GoodMojo ecosystem.  

Impact Through Resource Management:
The GoodMojo provides tools for process efficiency and resource management to both funders and providers. These solutions ensure that funds, time and efforts are optimized in managing resources. As a result, organizations can obtain their intended goals of creating social impact. 

Impact Through Measurable Outcomes In the Communities:
Aggregation of communities under GoodMojo, members can get in-depth insight of their impact, project out the future needs and react much more quickly and effectively to meet those challenges on their community through our collective intelligence on the promise of big data. 

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