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We are building a platform to connect you to the right mix of advocates, philanthropists and servcie seekers to optimize your campaign.

Good Mojo's platform is the ideal place to base your campaigns. We connect corporate and private sector efforts with those of the non-profit and everyday philanthropist to really turn the will to do good into a powerful force for solving problems. Join us in creating campaigns that leverage altruistic impulses for amazing results. Imagine a Corporate Social Responsibility group in a large company partnering with a non-profit tha supports underprivileged students who want to attend college in matching mentors for those students from the pool of that company's employees and making an hour a week of the employee's time available for that purpose. That could also connect everyday philanthropists who want to support these students to retailers who provide school supplies. That could make all the difference to students struggling to be the first in their families to complete higher education! GoodMojo believes the platform is capable of supporting a huge number of different campaigns, so let your imagination run free. 

  • Easy sign up
  • Connection to a growing network of everyday philanthropists, advocates, other partners and funders
  • Ability to structure a campaign to support your cause the way you like with the partners you choose
  • Access to data and analytics resulting from the camaign and other sources of related data
  • Ability to set up and track your choice of metrics for reporting
  • Availability of matching services for campaign partners
  • Support from GoodMojo for structuring camaigns to support your goals


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