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We are a Social Impact Engineering Company

GoodMojo is an emerging social network that provides comprehensive solutions to the diverse public good community. Enabling every transactions to do good deeds.

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  • We are a Social Impact Engineering Company

About Us

Social Impact Engineering ©
is utilizing engineering principal of empirical evidence, and scientific, economic, social and practical knowledge to invent, innovate, design and build technology tools to facilitate social forces of human strength, connections and our innate good will to create measurable positive social impacts.


GoodMojo is a platform for improving our quality of life. It is a data intelligence ecosystem connecting the dots through our comprehensive technology and networking solutions for the entire public good sector. By doing so we will achieve increase in return on investment (ROI) in four specific areas : 

  • Systematic ROI – Increasing overall quality of life for all
    Operational ROI – Maximizing the delivery of services
    Programmatic ROI – Maximizing program outcomes
    Individual ROI – Maximizing individuals’ quality of life and investments made in the local, global and virtual communities

    The idea is not just to do good, but to do it very well through the power of big data. Our powerful and test-driven Funder Solution allows non-government agencies (NGOs), charitable organizations and social service agencies to efficiently manage complex financial, technical, compliance, and reporting needs. Our Community Solution platform connects public good benefits, including case management tools for recipients. Our Member Solution platform creates giving portfolios, including sales opportunities for businesses. This 360-degree view brings technological and market efficiencies to the public good sector. Connecting trillions of transactions gives businesses the transparency and market intelligence their charitable giving demands.

    We all want to do good, but it is hard to do it well. Our favorite charities and social institutions are built on Victorian-era models based on tradition more than logic. No one has built the powerful and imaginative technology needed to manage complicated compliance reporting, and fundraising needs, while increasing public goods received. In the real world of charitable giving, many common tech tools, from databases to social media, become one more challenge to be managed. How can we create solutions instead for the public good?

    To meet these challenges, the GoodMojo suite of tools shows how. We build portfolios--called the GoodMojo Member Solution--that directly connect social benefit providers with donors and more efficiently tracks donations and volunteer activities. It connects businesses that are doing good with people who want to do good. Supporters of social good--from businesses to foundations and agencies--can manage their funding in real time with the Funder Solution, while community benefits are networked with Community Solution tools. These benefits and connections together create the GoodMojo ecosystem.


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